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A keen customer focus is what has driven IMS since its founding in 2004. When Julie Brenhofer founded IMS, our role within the recycling world was much different than what it has evolved to today. By working on pain points, key needs, and areas for growth with all of our early customers and suppliers, we were able to identify comprehensive plastic recycling as the most arduous part of any operation. Like any entrepreneurial business, that is where IMS has placed ourselves in the marketplace, at the crux of the most difficult part of any program.
After almost two decades in business, this unwavering desire to put the customer first is what has driven IMS to become one of the fastest growing companies within the recycling space.
With operations across North America, the team at IMS offers a robust network of providers to assist you in any aspect of your recycling needs.

We are proud member of
Women's Business Enterprise National Council

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