Recycling Services

IMS works with businesses involved in making plastic raw materials, compounders, plastic product manufacturers, and businesses involved in assembly, distribution, and retail to design and implement an ongoing plastic waste recycling program.

IMS reviews current waste, business objectives, logistics, packaging and pricing. We then implement and manage each plastic recycling program.

Among the types of plastic we recycle:

  • PET – polyethylene terephalate (PETE)

  • HDPE Color – high density polyethylene with color

  • HDPE Natural – high density polyethylene, natural in color (milk jugs)

  • HDPE Misc Drums – high density polyethylene drums

  • PVC – Polyvinyl chloride

  • LDPE – low density polyethylene

  • LDPE Film – low density polyethylene film (shrink wrap, clear film)

  • PP – polypropylene

  • PS – polystyrene

  • PS – commingle plastic

  • Polycarbonate

  • ABS

  • Engineering grade plastics– mixed rigid plastics

  • Baled 1-7s

  • Baled 3-7s

Plastic Recycling